Christ's Love in Action   

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world”.  (James 1:27)
We may not be able to change the world, but we can make a difference in the life of one child.  GWM currently running a orphan Children Home in a Tribal Village. Good Word  Ministries has adopted 10 orphan children and providing Food, shelter, Education and Clothes. Mainly we are trying to making them as strong instruments in the Hand of Mighty God. Here are many Orphan Children perishing without Heavenly Father, if our Lord God provide more donors we would like to adopt more orphan children, kindly keep it in your prayers.

Bore Wells for needy villages

GWM provides the essential aid of clean drinking water.  Water is provided to poor villages by digging water wells, thereby combating high mortality rates in infants and children.  It also reduces illnesses by eliminating villagers’ dependence on nearby ponds for bathing and drinking water.
Many villages do not have access to clean drinking water.  They consume water from the same local ponds and rivers where villagers clean and water their animals, wash their clothes and drain storm and waste water.  This same water is being used for cooking, drinking and bathing.  This results in many children and adults being sick very often.  The village people suffer from various skin diseases as well.
If you would like to provide a water well for a needy village, please  contact us, we will give you all details.

Free Medical Aid for Poor & Sick people :
Most of the Tribal village people frequently fell into bed by several viral diseases. There are no any medical facility in remote tribal villages,  They have to travel several miles to reach the Hospitals where are located by nearest city. Who haven’t road facilities and  who are very poor to bare medical expenses. When we looked at their pathetic condition we were moved to conduct medical camps with the qualified Doctors and we providing medicines at free of cost. Please kindly pray for this serve and become a partner in this ministry.

Clothes & Food distribution to needy people:  GWM is doing some charitable activates for needed people in India. We are distributing plates, glass and clothes to the financially poor children and to the orphans. We are giving notebooks and pens for their education need. Especially we are teaching about our Lord Jesus Christ and His love and peace. We are making the children to be as good citizens for the society and for the kingdom of God. We are distributing clothes to the poor widows and to the poor people. Especially we are doing our service among the poor and tribal people. If you would like to become a partner in this ministry please send your benevolence offerings by using the "Donate" button at the bottom of the Get Involved page.

Sewing Machine Training for Poor People