Dr. Don Touchton was born in Florida in 1938 and grew up on Florida’s Central West Coast. He served in the U.S.A.F (1955-59) where he was trained as an Electronic Technician. Upon his Honorable Discharge, he began working in the space industry for various corporations. He entered the Ministry at age twenty-seven while employed on the Apollo Program at Cape Kennedy (Canaveral) as Field Engineer.
             He earned his Master of Theology (Th.M) Degree at age twenty nine and Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) Degree at age thirty-one. He has served as senior pastor of several churches for more than 27 years and is a former Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention (1979 – 80).
                    As a retired pastor, Don began Good Word Ministries (GWM) in 1998 as a preaching, teaching, training and educational ministry. Seminary trained with a Doctor of Ministry degree, he has Authored four books and is a dedicated man of God who loves nothing better than writing, preaching and teaching the Word of God.  God led the ministry to assist, consult, and minister to American churches as opportunities present themselves, but more significantly, He was led to assist on the mission fields of Tribal India where the greatest needs are for trained pastors. 
             He partnered with Pastor Rajesh Galla and his association of 43 churches  and 35 pastors which is called, Good Word Ministries - India (GWM); churches which Rajesh has planted, leads, trains, and administers in partnership with GWM. Don and his team, Bro. Jim Marazzi and Pastor Fred visited Rajesh in 2007 to inspect the work visiting several of the churches in India to substantiate the validity of the ministry. Finding it a thriving and significant ministry, GWM began  providing financial support for educational ministry. We are very proud of the educational, organizational, and community development ministry that has so far been accomplished. Raj, as we call him, is a worthy vessel of our Lord and deserves any and all support that he gets. Please help us to expand by supporting GWM so we can greater assist GWM India.
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   Bro. Don & His Team Visited in India